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Your Wellbeing is your Greatest Asset.

As the most important asset you will ever really have any control over, your wellbeing is worth the effort to learn and equip yourself with knowledge, naturally. Then you can make the right choices for your mental, emotional, physical and energetic states for long term, sustainable wellbeing. When you feel well on all levels, then you can do anything you set your mind to. Life becomes a process of thriving rather than simply surviving and it’s much more enjoyable this way.

Wellbeing Practitioners understand the difference between survival and thriving, and have dedicated their lives to the service of others through their own life experience, their training, skills and knowledge that they impart to their clients through their work. They are people who genuinely want to see their community work together with more health, wellness, love and compassion. They will never tell you they can cure you, because this would not be true anyway. Instead they will show you a way to heal yourself through supporting you in the best and most appropriate way. Nature will always self correct when given a chance to do so. Your body follows these same principals.

Ways to Wellbeing represents an industry of Wellbeing Practitioners that keeps you informed about your healthcare choices and shows you a way to wellbeing. We keep you up to date with information about a variety of complementary therapies and modalities. You will also get to know Wellbeing Practitioners through our series of video blogs, webinars and articles.

Welcome to our website and our world of wellness through information directly from practitioners themselves. The more you know the more informed choices you can make for you and your family.


Gina Stamas, Founder of Ways to Wellbeing

Wellness Advocate and Health Foghorn